About Camille Crimson

My birthday is on April 4th. I won't tell you what year... but I can say that there was an incredible snow storm beating the crap out of Montrealers that day! My mom is French and dad is Canadian, which was kind of a problem when I went to school as kids used to laugh about my Frenchie accent...

I've always been a good student, kind of a geek trying to fit in, but I never really did. Friends came and went because my family moved often. I went to CEGEP and university, but never really knew what I wanted to do. As a teen, music was my life. That was the only thing that was important to me. But one day, someone who had a big influence on me told me not to do my passion as my work. So, from working in restaurants to laboratories, I found myself drifting and going nowhere.

Then it happened. I moved, the biggest move in my life... I went to live on La Réunion Island - a small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, 460km from Madagascar. There, I had the time of my life. Sun, surf, beach, bars right on the beach, girls... and mosquitoes! If I had to do it all over again, I would not hesitate and sell everything I have just like I did the first time... but this time I'd go in Australia!

But more importantly, while I was in that beautiful paradise, my boyfriend and I started exploring erotic photography, which brought about Dolorem. This site follows our photographic exploration of sexuality for three years, culminating in an archive with a wide array of gorgeous photo sets featuring artistic representations of nudity and sex.

I've been back here in Canada for a few years, enjoying every little aspect life has to offer, making new friends and rediscovering my country with a fresh view. Since coming back, I've launched The Art of Blowjob, my site devoted to sensual and erotic blowjob photos and videos. It is the continuation of my sensual exploration, redefining porn and displaying the natural beauty of sexuality. I hope you'll come take a look.

About Dolorem

Dolorem is an archival site featuring my erotic photography from 2006 to 2009. My new work is featured at The Art of Blowjob, a site with hundreds of gorgeous photos and videos highlighting the sensuality of oral sex.

Dolorem has a mission: to redefine the meaning of pornography. Too often, sex is turned into something distasteful, dirty, obscene, scandalous, ugly, repulsive and offensive, and this is certainly true in a lot of porn. In reality, it's just a natural act, one which can express love, connection, sensuality, fun, passion and adventure. By exploring sex with creative and sumptuous photography, I hope to open people's eyes to the possibility that porn can be beautiful.

About Camille Crimson